Driblab appears in Folha de Sao Paulo

Driblab appears in Folha de Sao Paulo

This Tuesday Folha de Sao Paulo, one of the most popular media in Brazil, highlighted Driblab and its way of working with data in an extensive report. Our CEO, Salvador Carmona, spoke with journalist Alex Sabino about how we serve the clubs and answered several questions. In one of them, what would be the ideal replacement for Gabriel Barbosa, Flamengo’s forward and top scorer in the 2019 Copa Libertadores.

“We create customized models for the clubs; for each one we assemble a unique algorithm. They tell us the needs and we go after them,” explains Salvador in one part of the interview. He also underlines that at Driblab we always try to find the player best suited to the economic and tactical context of a club. “Let’s say a midfielder has been found in Danish football and he gives a lot of passes. Is that a good thing? Is it bad? Will he do the same in another league? That’s the key.”

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