Driblab has been featured in The Times

Driblab has been featured in The Times

Driblab was featured this Sunday in The Times. The journalist Jonathan Northcroft interviewed Salvador Carmona a few days ago and ended up publishing this piece, in which our CEO explains how we work and highlights that “after the Covid the market will be more important than ever”, as well as answering questions of all kinds. In the text Northcroft underlines that before the pandemic our company “was working with more than 25 clubs” and “also assisting agents, individual managers and national federations“.

In addition to that, Northcroft points out that our company “is burgeoning” and that is “because consultacy is a big part of football’s future“. In the link below you can download the full interview, in which Salvador talks about a lot of aspects and answers questions like who would be a good replacement for Harry Kane.


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