Driblab has been featured in Forbes: the future of the sports world

Driblab has been featured in Forbes: the future of the sports world

Driblab has been mentioned in Forbes as a reference company in the application of data to achieve a competitive advantage in today’s sport in a text that also analyzes how this sector can continue to be implemented with new tools in the short term. The article by Professor Enrique Dans focuses on the joint design between Google and Adidas of wearables applied to professional sports and how this type of product can be the next step by crossing data with companies like Driblab and Madribble focused on player performance data. The example used by the author of the article is a device that can be worn on the insole of a football boot and can provide everything from shooting power to the physical data of the players.

The article highlights our similarity model that allows to evaluate the performance of a player and to find profiles with the most similar metrics adapting that search by position, age, physical requirements such as height or foot as well as filtering according to the duration of the contract. Also appears our beeswarm model that compares the performance in specific values of a player with the rest of the profiles of his position in the leagues you want to evaluate in which percentage of performance he is in relation to the rest of the players of his position by grouping by performance colors from less to more outstanding. These tools are just some of the ones we use in Driblab to help clubs, federations and agencies to minimize risk in talent detection and reliably expand their options.

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