Best XI of the top 5 leagues

Best XI of the top 5 leagues

Seasons always pass faster than we think, 2018/19 is done. 38 matchdays that have made history: the most difficult Premier in recent times, the worst Real Madrid in decades and the routine for Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern and PSG. From Driblab we want to see who have been the main names of these competitions according to our models. We know that it is impossible to please everyone and even some comments will question our mental health, but we like challenges and we have compiled the best XI of the five major leagues. No, we are not going to coincide in all the names because it is impossible mission but we trust that, at least, you will find it interesting and if you have any comment please send it to us in the most polite way possible. Here they are, the best XIs (only players with more than 40% of the minutes played):

Premier League – Best XI 2018/19


La Liga – Best XI 2018/19


Serie A – Best XI 2018/19


Bundesliga – Best XI 2018/19


Ligue 1- Best XI 2018/19

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