Club America and Driblab sign partnership deal

Club America and Driblab sign partnership deal

It is an honor for our company to announce the agreement reached with Club America. The prestigious Mexican entity has our artificial intelligence and big data services applied to the areas of player analysis, supporting sports directors, talent evaluation and tactics. Driblab is proud to be part of the azulcrema family and to be able to collaborate with the professionals of Club América with the objective of keeping the institution as the most successful in Mexican soccer.

Salvador Carmona, CEO of Driblab, has valued this agreement: “It is a privilege to be able to work with a leading entity such as Club America. We know the responsibility of the most successful club in recent times in Mexico and we believe that Driblab can make a difference in one of the most demanding contexts in the continent”.

Driblab is a consulting firm specializing in performance analysis and talent detection that applies data on more than 75,000 players in more than 110 competitions around the world. Club America and Driblab professionals will work closely together to respond to the demands and expectations of a leading institution confident of building a bright future and assure a successful present.

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