Best XI & Best Player of the Month (February)

Best XI & Best Player of the Month (February)

The month of February marks the beginning of the European knockout stages and the final phase of the league competitions. A complicated month in which the big teams have more matches and start the first ‘finals’ of the campaign. We have seen how the great figures of the season stepping up: Leo Messi was the lighthouse of Barcelona -especially in Sevilla-, David De Gea avoided the first doubts in the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer era, Virgil van Dijk assured that the dream of the Premier in Anfield is still alive, the young stars with Kylian Mbappé or Raheem Sterling showed what they are made of and names not as new as Joaquin proved the importance of a true leader. According to Driblab models this is the best eleven of the month of February counting the five major leagues and European competitions:

There is a name that deserves to highlight of this best eleven of the month: Marco Verratti. February showed us the best version of the Italian midfielder and not only in Ligue 1 -where we already know about Parisian superiority-, we saw the first exhibition of Thomas Tuchel‘s project in Europe with a resounding victory in Old Trafford where Marco Verratti marked the rhythm of the match. In February the midfielder averaged more than two chances created, a ball progression of 23 points and 0.6 expected assists for every 90 minutes. A perfect month for the brain of a PSG in need of such a Champions League match without Neymar or Cavani.

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